Software Application Notices

Below is the list of completed and uploaded development tasks. These have been worked on to help improve Job Mgt.

Your Job Mgt application is automatically updated and no action is required from you.

Latest Update - Uploaded 30 May 2024

DiarySettings > Diary > Auto Set Reminder (Diary) for Quotes – NEW
Settings > Diary > Auto Set Reminder (Diary) for Jobs – NEW
MailchimpGeneral Mailchimp improvements
ProductsSize (Range) and URL fields added to products

Latest Update - Uploaded 3 Feb 2024

Additional ProductsGeneral design improvement
Default Billing & Shipping Contacts added
Dashboard‘Total’ added to Sales Leaderboard
DiaryGeneral design improvement
Job ManagementStop auto-send of Artwork & Delivery emails – NEW
Job ManagementMark as complete – NEW
ReportsCustomer Contact Analysis Report’ – NEW
Sage/XeroPart payments (including from Credit Notes) integrate with Sage and Xero
SettingsSales > Job Management > ‘Stop auto-send of Artwork & Delivery emails’ defaults added – NEW
SettingsSales > Job Management > ‘Add Purchase Order Tax to Sage & Xero’ added – NEW

Latest Update - Uploaded 27 Dec 2023


InvoicesGeneral Invoice improvements
General Job Management improvements
Job ManagmentProduct View feature – NEW
OrdersGeneral Orders improvements
PCNGeneral Purchase Credit Notes improvements
ProductsImage scroller added to product on Quotes – NEW
Sage/XeroGeneral Products improvements

Latest Update - Uploaded 2 Dec 2023

All documentsGeneral Sage & Xero improvements
All documents
General job management improvements
FiltersGeneral filter improvements
InvoicesGeneral invoice improvements
Job ManagmentGeneral job management improvements
Products & QuotesClickable merge fields added for Product Long Description – NEW
Purchase OrdersGeneral purchase order improvements
QuotesGeneral quote improvements
QuotesDecline Quote comments box added to online quote – NEW

Latest Update - Uploaded 18 Nov 2023

Additional ProductsQuantity options added to Additional Products – NEW
Artwork Approval page design improvements.
CustomersCustomer Notes tab added – NEW
Docs3-4 Decimal Points options added to Setup > Settings > Sales – NEW
DocsHide If Zero feature retired. Replaced with All-in Unit Price.

Latest Update - Uploaded 16 Oct 2023

Area Task
Customers Customer Credit Type – Factored Finance options added
Import/Export Master Product Code (MPC) feature added. This feature is used to import Additional Products to many Products. e.g. Additional Products with the MPC ‘00018’ will be added to ALL Products with that same MPC ‘00018’.
Invoices Pro Forma improvements
Job Managment ‘Order Ready To Ship’ & ‘Order Ready Early’ buttons and emails added

Latest Update - Uploaded 8 Sep 2023

CustomersCustomers > Assigned Tier Pricing feature – NEW
Import/ExportProduct Import/Export improvements
InvoicesInvoices > Pro Forma Invoicing feature – NEW
Products & QuotesAssign Additional Products to different suppliers – NEW
Stock StatusJob Management > Stock Status feature – NEW
TrackingJob Management > Tracking feature – NEW

Latest Update - Uploaded 14 Aug 2023

InvoicesInvoice Design B (containing product images) added – NEW
JobDelivery Note feature added to Job > Artwork & Delivery – NEW
ProductsAssociated Additional Products feature – NEW
QuotesOptional Additional Products feature – NEW
TrelloTrello integration – NEW

Latest Update - Uploaded 30 June 2023

Area Task
After Sales Emails After Sales Emails improvements
Docs Leave page without saving warning added – NEW
Job Change/edit Customer on Jobs added – NEW
Jobs Design and filters improvements
Orders Update Invoice (DRAFT) from related Order added – NEW
Product & Quote Copy Product (in Products & on Quotes) added – NEW
Products/Quotes All-in Unit Price feature added – NEW
Quotes Markup calculation improvements
Quotes Quotes (PDF & HTML) Design B added – NEW
Quotes Hide Totals from Quote added – NEW
Template Email Template improvements

Latest Update - Uploaded 09 May 2023

CustomersImport/Export improvements
DocsSave warnings added – NEW
Purchase OrdersMore – ‘Mark as sent’ status added for offline POs – NEW
QuotesAuto-send YES/NO options added for Orders and Invoices upon Convert – NEW
Sourcing MachineSourcing Machine import improvements
SuppliersVisibility improvements

Latest Update - Uploaded 04 Apr 2023

Area Task
Artwork Artwork visual link improvement
Emails Merge fields added to Job email templates: <supplier_purchase_order_number> <invoice_customer_purchase_order_number>
Products Sourcing Machine product imports – NEW

Latest Update - Uploaded 18 Feb 2023

After Sales EmailsAfter Sales Email improvements
Artwork ApprovalsArtwork Approval design improvements for mobile
Clean UpCustomer creation improvements – Passwords, etc. removed
Email TemplatesStaff email template improvements
EmailsEmail tracking improvements for SMTP
Import/ExportProduct Import instruction improvements
PDFsFooter added to ALL PDFs – NEW
To activate/create go to Setup>Settings>PDF>Footer
Purchase OrdersSupplier’s order number added
SetupSetup & Delivery (Additional Products) added to all new products
To activate go to Setup>Settings>Sales>>General

Latest Update - Uploaded 30 Jan 2023

Area Task
Reports Reports added:
Invoices Report – NEW
Quotes Products Report – NEW
Stock Report – NEW
Sage Tax issue resolved
Purchase Orders Supplier Product Code added to Purchase Orders
To activate go to Setup>Settings>Sales>Job Management>Display the Supplier Product Code on Purchase Orders and Purchase Credit Note – Yes

Latest Update - Uploaded 17 Dec 2022

Area Task
Customers Default Customer Account Type settings added – NEW
Export Export Customers, Suppliers and Products added – NEW
Invoices Commercial Invoice added – NEW
Job General design improvements
PDFs General design improvements
Products Mark Up calculator added – NEW
Additional Products added – NEW
Multiple Tiers added – NEW
Suppliers General function improvements
Tax Default Tax settings added

Latest Update - Uploaded 29 Oct 2022

Area Task
Addresses Street 2 field added to merge fields
Apps Mailchimp integration – NEW
Customers Credit terms and limits can now be changed at Customer level. Sage and Xero will automatically be updated.
Customers General design improvements
Docs Filters and Search improved. Filters are now sticky. Search now on Enter command or Search button.
Emails New merge fields added
Reports Reports – NEW
Payment MyPOS payment gateway – NEW
Quotes Product search on quotes improved
Settings Default payment mode settings added for Pro Forma and Credit payment
Settings My Brands (Allows you to create multiple brands for your company and assign customers to each) – NEW

Latest Update - Uploaded 16 July 2022

EmailsGeneral design improvements.
EmailsGSuite integration – NEW.
Office 365 integration – NEW.
EmailsEmail Template > confirm-delivery-date-send-to-customer. New attribute fields added.
EmailsGeneral functional improvements.
ImportsCustomers, Suppliers, Contacts and Products Imports – General functional improvements, including updating data using imports.
InvoicesGeneral functional improvements.
LogoutIdle time logout increased to 30mins.
Media FileMedia File – Design and functional improvements.
OrdersGeneral functional improvements.
PaymentGeneral design improvements
SageGeneral design improvements
SettingsSettings > Sales > Quotes > Quote Product Description. New product merge fields added.
SettingsQuote > Quote Info Format (PDF and HTML)Customer Main Address fields added.
SuppliersGeneral design improvements
XeroXero integration – NEW.

Bug Fixes - Uploaded 23rd March 2022

Area Task
Address Billing & Shipping address – To field not displaying properly
Address Name missing on displaying on Order and Invoices
ASEs Add After Sales Emails category”}”>1. Limit available templates to choose from the After Sales Emails templates only 2. New Template > Add After Sales Emails category
Credit Note Invoices Created link issue
Docs Symbols issues – ” ? & etc.
Docs & not displaying correctly
Docs Invoice, Credit Notes, Orders – Predefined Client Notes & Predefined Terms & Conditions not working
Docs Invoice, Credit Notes, Orders – Predefined Client Notes & Predefined Terms & Conditions not working
Emails SMTP test email – Sucess/error message missing
Invoices {invoice-billing_name} not working
Job Cancelled PO issue
Orders 1. {estimate-billing_name} not working 2. Change {estimate} to {order} for all merge fields
Orders HTML and View invoice as customer – Billing/Shipping address should match the PDF settings
Products Issue with products csv
Products Supplier field should disply warning if not complete
Products Supplier field issues and Close issues
Products Products in certain groups are missing/not avaiable
Purchase Orders Delivery address issues with multiple POs
Purchase Orders Assigned to job incorrectly
Quotes Product descripton issue
Visibility Customer & Suppliers, & Contacts (for both) – Visibility message issues

ReportsReports added:
Invoices Report – NEW
Quotes Products Report – NEW
Stock Report – NEW
SageTax issue resolved
Purchase OrdersSupplier Product Code added to Purchase Orders To activate go to Setup>Settings>Sales>Job Management>Display the Supplier Product Code on Purchase Orders and Purchase Credit Note – Yes

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